Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Twenty twelve in Review

Wowzers, I can't believe this little blog of mine has almost been around for a year!!
Time has absolutely flown by for me {to both my amazement and frustration!}, and the fact that just the other day I placed my Valentine's party back up on Etsy It was the first party I showcased on here, and it was really fun being able to look back and see the progress that I have made as a blogger and designer. There is still sooooo much that I want to do as a blogger, designer, and person, I can't wait to get started in 2013!!
Since so many of you weren't around when it all began, I thought it would be really fun to look back at my favorite projects over the last year. Looking back was especially rewarding since lately I feel that everywhere I look there is just another project that needs to be done. It was nice to remind myself just how busy of gal I really was :)
I started this space of mine the last day of January, so there's really not much to report that month, so let's jump right into February!
We kicked started the year with our Robot Valentine's Day party that included a special DIY wreath and actual robot made from boxes!
We celebrated the first of many parties in our new home! This Care Bear Party was one of my favorites.
We celebrated Easter by creating these peter cotton {candy} tails printables to use up some of the leftover cotton candy I had from the Care Bear party.
I put together our Easter tablescape just minutes before dinner, and absolutely loved it! The candy grass nests with plastic eggs were my favorite detail.
 May brought our big guy's 6th birthday bash, a monster truck party.
One of the first projects that we really tackled in the new house was our dining banquette that we made ourselves. This area was too small to fit our regular table, so we created this smaller, casual space using a table I found at a thrift shop. The chairs were the start of a long lasting love affair of color dipping :)
I finally organized our pantry! I created my own chalkboard labels using chalkboard spray paint and contact paper and used a ton of storage found at the dollar store.
I also threw a Jungle themed baby shower:
August brought some organization our way, just in time to send the kids back to school (yay!!). I started with our kitchen command center since it sees the most of our traffic.
I  started to make some headway on our family room. One of the first projects (and one of my all time faves!) was our fabric covered pinboards
I also worked on a major problem we had: our shoe storage problem.
I had a blast helping the kids decorate our Haunted play house with items that we bought at the dollar store. It was one of my favorite Halloween memories!
We finally, finally finished our Family Room! It all started with the vision of having built in desks for the kids, and I can honestly say that they use them all the time!
We kicked started this month with Braden's Construction Truck Party. ...
....and ended it with a bunch of  Homemade Christmas gifts to give to our friends and neighbors.
Whew! What a year, right?? Thanks to all of you who come here every day to hear me ramble about all the projects I get into around here - it means the world to me!
I can't wait to get this year started! I already have quite the list planned :)
What was your favorite project of 2012??

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  1. I have to say that other than all the Birthday parties, which were all amazing!, I love the Family room the most! Everything is so colorful and well organized it just screams "Be Creative!". I bet the kids love it too!