Monday, November 12, 2012

Family Room Reveal

Happy Monday :)
I am excited to finally show off our {basically} finished family room. I may or may not have a few more small projects up my sleeve for it ;)
The main purpose that I really wanted this room to have was designated spots for the kids to do their homework and art.

The boys share the larger desk area.

The kid's desks are marked with their first initial. And each desk has a magnetic chalkboard that we made ourselves:

I found a flea market basket at The Land of Nod that I absolutely fell in love with and knew I had to have. Since the boys are sharing their space, I thought one larger thing to share their art supplies might be nice. Clean up is easy, since they just have to throw it back in a basket. It's easy to move as well if we decide to craft it up in another room :)

I had Jason attach clips that hold that day's homework. When the kids unload their backpacks after school, I immediatly place their homework in them. After dinner, when it's time to do our homework, the kids can just sit down and get started on their own.

Awesome lights were a find at Ikea. I love how they attach to the wall to save on desk space.

A set of drawers from the Container Store were the perfect solution to store drawing paper and construction paper so that it was always on hand. The penguin is an adorable pencil sharpener from Grama :)

I used a mix of new magazine holders and recovered older ones.

Cayden is the lucky one with her own side:

Our Elfa system got a bit of an upgrade with these DIY animal chalkboard labels.
Cayden's art supply holder is also from the Land of Nod.

The pillows are a mix of store bought (the orange one was a deal at Target), and others were recovered using fabric I purchased from an online fabric store.

You many remember my post about planning our eclectic gallery wall:

The rug that started the whole concept:

{Seriously love this rug!}

See how I made the alphabet art HERE.

The fabric covered pinboards were one of my favorite things in the room. The dresser turned TV console might be a close second, though :)

We have already gotten a ton of use out of this space already :)



  1. OMG! How amazing it all looks! What kid would not be inspired to be creative in that space. I love the words under the shelf above the desks, great touch! Only one flaw I can see and that's the picture next to the clock, but I absolutely love this room! So bright and colorful! Well done!

  2. Just found you through Pintrest and had to say I LOVE this room!!!! Great job!!!

    1. Thank You!! It took a lot of work {more than I thought - but isn't that how it always turns out??}, but we really love it :)

      ps. I saw you live in Tally - I went to Florida State! Small world :)

  3. Gr8 color choices! What color orange did you use for the dresser? My 7 yo son loves orange these days!

    1. Sorry for such a late response!! It honestly took me this long to get my lazy bum into our garage to check :) We used Dutchboy for this project since a. we had to do it inside b/c it was too heavy to move - Dutchboy has a great line of low VOC paint b. it was on sale, and it was already the second can of orange we had to buy (first was too dull). This was just latex paint, but normally we try to paint in enamel paint for furniture. The color is Orangeen, and we were very happy with it :)

      Thanks for looking!

  4. Your family room looks great - so much beautiful colour, well done!! I've got this linked to my family rooms post too today, rounding up great DIY family rooms like yours!

  5. Well done! Love the chalkboards - I bet they love it! Thanks for linking up.

  6. Just found your site! Can you share where you purchased the desks (and how you got them to be the same height as your tv console dresser) and also where you purchased the desk chairs? Thanks!

    1. The desk chairs were purchased from Ikea. The desk itself was actually built by us (which is why they are the same height!)because I really wanted a built-in appearance. Before building the desk, we first made sure that the dresser was a good height for a desk to begin with :)