Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY alphabet art

I am super excited to show off one of the little DIY projects I recently did around here for our family room.
To keep costs low not completely outrageous, I have been trying to come up with some creative ideas for art. {one project being a complete FAIL this past weekend!}. I was completely inspired by an idea I saw during one of my last trips to the store, Land of Nod.
They had all these adorable alphabet letters that could be strung with a shoelace in different patterns/colors. I loved the idea of hanging up a simple word on our wall, and I thought of one of our kid's favorite things to write, "xoxo". Cute and simple, right?
The problem? You don't get to choose the color or pattern, so I was pretty much left with what they had:
Ummmm, not my first pick for this space, that's for sure. But I just LOVED this idea. Each letter is $3 (plus a shoelace!), so the project would have only cost around $15 (which, I promise you, would have been the cheapest thing I walked out with that day. ha!).... but I just couldn't stop thinking, "hey, you could totally make this project for FREE and have it match the space."
So. Here we are :)
First thing I did was make some letters on the computer using patterns. I realize that a lot of people don't have this kind of software at home, but scrapbook paper could work just as easily (and you could probably find some way better patterns!) I then printed them out (I did 2 to a page), and cut them out loosely around the edges. (If you are doing scrapbook paper, I would create my letter template on card stock and then trace around them on my specialty paper, OR just print on the back of the scrapbook paper-in which case you will want to cut your letters out more exact).

Next, I glued my letters onto poster board for extra durability and thickness. (you can see how I just quickly cut around the edges the first time). For this, I used a spray adhesive, but you can use regular glue.

Then I cut out my letters and punched holes in the top to string my ribbon (I used scrap ribbon I already had; you could use yarn, shoelaces, or twine). I also debated ditching the punched holes all together and just hanging them up with clothespins, but I stood by my original idea.

We placed screws at the end points to tie our ribbon around. Since our room has a more modern feel, I like the idea of being able to see the screw, but you could always find something more decorative like drawer knobs or pretty hooks to hang them from as well.

I also LOVE the idea that the letters are so easy to switch out. I'm already thinking ahead to Halloween, with words like "BOO" or "SPOOKY".

And a little sneak peak at some of the other art:

I don't think that this little space is quiiiiite done yet, but it's getting there :) As for the rest of the room- we made some progress this week.  We would have made more progress, if I didn't keep adding on little projects here and there for us, I am sure!!

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