Friday, March 22, 2013

Snowflake Party Reveal

I am SO excited to share with you all the pretty little details that went into the snowflake party we threw two weeks ago! Hope you are ready for a photo overload :)

You can find all the details on how I made the lined envelopes here.

I made the wreath out of a dollar store swimming noodle and some thrifted sweaters and added some of the snowflake ornaments we bought as well as some paper ones. 

The birthday girl :) She insists on wearing all her headbands this way!

I had a really hard time getting a good photo of the tables. We ended up having two long tables set up in our office/living room area to accommodate the 20 children we were expecting. I hung snowflakes and balloons above the tables, but although it turned out pretty lovely in person, on camera it looks a bit busy :)

When the guests arrived, we served lunch (which was pizza and pink popcorn).

(I shared the hand-stamped napkins tutorial here).

While everyone was eating, the petting zoo we ordered was setting up. As the kids finished, all the kids lined up in our family room to watch them bring the animals one by one. There were ducks, bunnies, a goat, a sheep, two llamas, a pony, and some chickens. This was a surprise for our birthday girl, so watching her reaction was my favorite part :)

While the kids were outside playing with the animals and riding the pony, we had hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows on hand. 

I wrapped the cups in cozies made with the same DIY I shared here.

I made the marshmallows using this recipe. They were really easy to make and I loved that this recipe used course sugar to give it a "sparkly" look!

Although we had intended to make the cake ourselves, things didn't work out so well :) So our backup (and now new favorite!!) plan was to order just a plain, fondant covered cake from a local bakery and decorate it ourselves. For this I used our Cricut Cake machine with the 'winter lace' cartridge. (I used the same cartridge to cut out all the snowflakes that were used on the mason jars and that were hung above the table).

(tutorial on ice cream cups here).

To go with our cake, Jason made homemade strawberry ice cream that we topped with snowflake sprinkles. Um, it was delicious!!

After cake, the kids were able to build their own goody bags....always a crowd pleaser :)

Of course, some kids were a little protective over their loot, ha!:

The parents were given bags with wrapped packets of hot chocolate and some of our homemade marshmallows:

The birthday girl's favorite part of the whole party? Presents, of course!

The party was a great success and we have one happy, FIVE year old :)

We even (finally!) got the thank you cards sent out this past week:

....aaaand I'm spent :) This party was so much fun to style and plan for. For each party I do, there is always just one thing that is my absolute favorite part. I think this time, it was the mason jars with snowflake cut outs. Sometimes, it's the smallest things that make you the happiest, right?

Here is the list of vendors where I purchased all the adorable items:

Anything else was either found at Target or party stores - if you have any questions on anything not posted, please feel free to ask! I will be adding this collection to my Etsy store soon. 

I have finally added the party to my shop! You can purchase the items here:

Have a wonderful weekend!