Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome to Nestling!

Welcome! Welcome! I am so excited to share this blog: this crazy combination of the creations I make. One of the definitions of Nestling is "any small child" and I chose this because most of my designs and parties revolve around the three little crazy adorable people in my life: my kids. I am constantly inspired by everything that surrounds me, and my hope is that this blog will inspire you too. Along with this blog, I am debuting my new Etsy store. You know how you always say things that you should do "one day" ("I really should start that blog" or "I do so many parties, I really need to open up an Etsy shop" or "we really need to move to a larger house")? Well, that time is now for me! As in, all of the above, at the same time :) Because I am....ambitious like that. Or just crazy.

So let's jump right in :)

Things are in full Valentine's Day mode around here. Because what normal family doesn't start decorating 3 weeks in advance? (ha!) About 3 weeks ago I stumbled upon all the robot goodies in the Target $1 aisles, and thought "OMG" (b/c in my head I talk like a valley girl apparently)," that could be the coolest theme for our Valentine's cookie decorating party". And then the madness ensued. I am talking full blown robot craziness.

It would be no fun to show you everything at once, but here is sneak peek at what is to come :

I can't wait to share everything with you!! Some of the stuff is from my Etsy line, but a lot of them are fun DIY projects that you can easily (and cheaply!) do yourself.

This blog is brand new for me, so over the next few weeks I will be slowly creating it to look how I want. So, please, make sure you come back to see how it looks :)