Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY No-Knit Coffee Cozy

I am excited to share a little DIY project that I have sneaked in the past week. Total time was probably 10 minutes, and I.am.in.love. 

A couple of weeks ago, Jason and I stopped at a local Starbucks and I noticed they had a few of these puppies on display:

They are made with sturdy plastic (I tapped it first to make sure, ha!) and are reusable. You even get a 10 cent discount on coffee when you use the cup. 

Um, did I mention that they were only a $1 ?!

Yeah, we picked up a few ;)

Since they aren't actual travel mugs, they do get really hot on the outside. 
Nothing a little DIY action can't handle! I absolutely love the look of a knitted cozy, but have never even picked up knitting needle in my life. I knew that I could get the same look without the work. 

I actually already had a great, knitted sweater on hand from Goodwill with the plan to use it in a party coming up, and I knew I could spare a little piece for this project. I used one of the cardboard wrappers from Starbucks as a template to trace around:

Next, I cut out AROUND the lines (I later used the lines as my guide to show me where to sew). I did the same with a different fabric as well, because I wanted to line my sweater fabric to make it thicker. I also like the added detail it brings. 

Next up, you have two options.

If you are a no-sewer as well, you can simply take your fabric, wrap it around the cardboard wrapper and hot glue it on. Wrap it around and glue the two ends together. Done! 

I considered this option, but I really wanted mine to be washable since I knew it was a *possibility* that I might spill some coffee on it at some point :). 

1. I placed my two fabric pieces together (good sides IN) and pinned them together. I sewed around the edges, leaving one of the smaller sides open. 
2. Turn inside out. 
3. Sew the last side shut. This side will be covered up by the other side, so it doesn't have to be perfect or pretty. 

Once that part was finished, I wrapped it around my mug and pinned it closed to the desirable tightness. 
Next, I sewed the two ends together with a decorative button. (I actually stacked a smaller, heart shaped button onto a bulkier button. The heart was too small, and the brown one wasn't girly enough!)

This would be great to throw into your purse to use instead of the disposable ones you get at coffee shops as well. 

For a girl who loves her coffee, I'm pretty smitten with this project :)
I kinda even wanna try to make a more masculine version...HMMMM.

Happy Tuesday :)



  1. Really, no one has commented on this? I hope I'm just not seeing them. Anyway, this is a lovely idea. I have a stack of sweaters I upcycle into various things and I have never thought about a coffee cozy. I'm actually in the process of designing a cozy for my french press and am now going to check out the felted sweater option! Thanks so much for sharing your great idea. Have a lovely day!

    1. Sorry for the really late reply, but thanks for the kind words :) It really is a fun, easy project! Hope yours turned out lovely.

    2. What a great idea to make a cozy for a french press! Thank you! I've needed one for when I leave coffee made for my Airbnb guests and never thought to make one. Using a sweater is PERFECT! You're a genius! Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love them - I have since added quite a few to my collection :)

  3. Awesome! Thinking Abt this for my MIL!! Ooh, what a Great motherc's day gift!
    Side note, but can tell me what polish you're wearing? Love the grey color and I've been unsuccessful in finding the right shade. thanks!