Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Simple DIY Envelope Liners

After everything that happened last week, I am admittedly behind on our little girl's party. Although the invitations are printed, they haven't actually been handed out yet :) In my own defense, she only goes to school 3x a week, and since yesterday was a holiday it has be delayed even more. 

I wanted to share with you a little detail that I added to the envelopes that I think makes them that much more special. It was really easy and inexpensive, and since I am obsessed with little details, it makes me quite happy. 

I chose scrapbook paper as my liner, but I think wrapping paper would be a really good alternative because of its price (I used some of the snowflake wrapping paper I had on a few & it worked wonderfully because of its thinness). The envelopes were purchased from Staples and the glue is just craft glue I typically have on hand. 

The first step was to create a template for the liner. 

First, I traced around my envelope onto cardstock (my kids are always using our printer paper as their drawing paper, so I just found one that had already been drawn on - that would be a page of Braden's B's that he has been writing all over the place!)
Next, I cut my tracing out.
I then folded it in half width wise and trimmed about 1/2" around the edges, so that you would still see some of the pink of the envelope. 
Finally, I tested out the template to make sure it fit. 

After that, I simply traced my template onto the backs of the scrapbook papers I picked out & cut. 

I found it was easier to insert the liner first, fold it over with the crease of the envelope, and then glue the back of it on. 

Since I want her party to have a bit of a vintage-y eclectic feel, I love that all the liners coordinate but don't match. 

Easy-Peasy :)

Happy Hump Day! 
I will be enjoying the first childless morning I have had in forever, since Boo gets to go back to school today. *yay*


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