Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One Room at a Time :: DIY Projects

I am excited to share a couple of the simple DIY projects I did for my One Room @ a Time series. {catch all the details about the series here and see how I organized the space here}. Since the name of the game over here is to make things look pretty without costing much, I knew I would have to get crafty with a few objects we already had. 

First up was a cute, little tray I picked up from Target awhile back. {Okay, I may have picked up a few ;)}
I love the simple lines and the smaller size. The blue, however was not working form me. 

This project was simple & FREE. I used paint and fabric leftover from our dining room project. I really liked incorporating these colors in a small area in the kitchen because I felt like it helped the two rooms tie in together.

The fabric I used was {literally!} scraps. But I just love it so much, I wanted to make it work :). You can see the line down the center where the two swatches meet up, and I would normally never do this, but since I knew it was going to be covered up by items anyway, I went ahead a did it. 

Much better, right?!

The other project I did was much smaller, and easier. We have had these three glass storage containers for years. I love the storage, LOVE that they are glass & not plastic, but haaaaate the ugly, old wooden tops. We picked them up from a thrift store for a song, so I can't really complain. 

As you can see, I added labels using this tutorial on how to make my own chalkboard labels. The next step was  a light sanding and paint. Luckily, I still had some gray enamel paint leftover from the desks in our family room, so I was able to use that for the tops. 

Then for a little added fun, I used a stencil on the top. I purposefully have each one a little different because I like the eclectic vibe it gives. 

Oddly, my favorite, is the one I messed up on - my foam brush still had too much water in it when I used it, so it caused a lot of the paint to bleed through the stencil: 

It's a small detail, but I think they look a ton better. 

Happy Tuesday!


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