Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Week

We have had quite the week since we talked last!

If you follow me on Instagram (@Nestling_Designs) you saw me post this picture with our little Boo just looking absolutely miserable last week:

And for good reason....while I was getting the kid's valentine's stuff put together, Jason took him up to the ER where he was diagnosed & admitted for pneumonia in both of his lugs! Poor little guy can't catch a break :(

Although we were short one member, here's a look at how our Valentines was spent:

Poor Braden had to get his basket and balloons at the hospital (the first smile we saw in days was when he saw the chocolate!):

For the next few days we spent a lot of time snuggling, watching movies, & painting. 

It was really difficult because the hospital currently has a no kid's policy for visitors due to this year's bad flu, so we had to constantly find friends to help watch our older two while Jason and I basically tagged each other in and out of the hospital. Finally, on Saturday they let him go with a book of discharge papers and a small pharmacy of meds.

We have spent the past two days catching up on stuff around the house. I finally bought myself a new planner. (yes, I am aware that it is halfway through February!)

I also tried some of the pink popcorn we bought from Target during Valentines. I had been thinking about making some pink popcorn for Cayden's birthday and when I saw this (and didn't have to make it!!) I stocked up. 

Of course, the cat's schedules weren't interrupted at all :)

(why yes, that is my new Coach purse he is sleeping on, ha!)

Remnants of the holiday are still around, like the balloons still floating up high in our living room:

(okay, and let's be honest - all our decorations are still up and I have no plans to change that soon!)

One major perk was coming home to a bunch of happy mail! The week before Braden was admitted into the hospital, he was just so miserably sick that he laid around all day, watching tv and demanding that I sit with him. Of course I did....and I snuck in plenty of online shopping as well :)

Here's a sneak peak at some of the goodies I got for Cayden's party:

I even picked up a few fun things for myself: 

(yes, that's a calendar. yes, I do know it's mid February LOL)

And then, to cap off our lovely weekend, Jason whipped up some goodies to make up for our lousy V-Day:

So, that's where I've been :)
 But, I am back, and so excited to show you some of the greatness that has come from our cheap-o makeover with our kitchen this week!!


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