Monday, March 11, 2013

Styled :: DIY Party Favors, Napkins, & Cups

Hi there!

This weekend was our daughter's birthday party, so we have been busy little bees over here!
I wanted to share with you some really simple ideas I used to make some of the cheap party supplies and favors I bought a lot more fun and special. 

I started this Styled series because I really want to show how easy it is to create a unique and beautiful party. It's really just taking something ordinary and adding those details that make it stand out. 

Almost all of the projects I am showing today used printables that I created, but they can ALL easily be substituted using scrapbook paper or even wrapping paper. 

First up, some cheap bubbles I grabbed from the dollar store got a face lift with some labels I made. This could easily be wrapped in some pretty craft paper and embellishments or even fabric. In fact, as I just typed that I am a little sad I didn't go the fabric/twine route!

A great way to stock up on cheap favors is to shop to the clearance items after any major holiday. I got these crayon boxes on a super clearance from Target after Valentine's Day and new that with a little imagination they could be really cute. 

To create your own label, first take apart one of the boxes and trace around it onto your decorative paper. Allow a little extra on the sides to overlap. Add stickers, ribbon, or other decorative items. 

Cayden really wanted to hand out little notebooks in her goody bags, so I knew I needed to come up with a cost effective way to make some cute ones. 
The party store is a great go-to for bulk favor items, so I grabbed a bag of small notebooks and gathered some of the scrapbook paper I had leftover from the envelope liners we made for the invitations. 

All you have to do for this project is trace around the cover of your notebook, cut, and glue. 

I added snowflake punches to go with our party theme, but you can easily swap out the shape for any other one. 

I love the little cups that have been popping up in Target's party isles. They are the perfect size for serving up ice cream, fruit, or other small servings. I even used them to serve our ice cream in our construction party

Adding your own custom wrapper is an easy and cheap way to make these look custom made. To make your own, I would use the same technique I listed for making the crayon wrappers: take apart a cup and trace (make sure to allow extra room on the ends so you can overlap!)

Add a pretty spoon (I used washi tape to hold ours) and you're set!

This last project was super easy and added a really cute detail to the party. 

Using a stamp and some acrylic paint, add some detail to your basic paper napkins. 

Easy Peasy, right?



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