Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snowflake Party :: Invitations

Hello :)

We enjoyed our first snow day here, and while the big guy of the house is shoveling the driveway (for the second time today, ha!) I wanted to finally share with you the invitations that I sent out for Cayden's snowflake party. 

As I mentioned before, she had planned on having an ice cream party up until a couple of months ago, so I already had the whole thing planned: it was going to be girly, a little shabby-chic with an eclectic mix of prints, and lots of chalkboard details. When she decided that snowflakes was going to be her theme (hey, at least it's more season appropriate!), I knew a lot of the ideas I already had would be carried over. 

{You can see how I made the lined envelopes HERE}

Our little girl is pretty terrified of any new place and especially dressed up characters, so the party is being held at our home with a surprise gift of a petting zoo & pony. Since it's still pretty cold up here, I wanted to give the parents a heads up and include a small note that told them to dress warmly. 

I also made a back design for this one: 

And because every party needs a little sparkle and fun, we added snowflake confetti to the envelopes:

A little bit of washi tape, and the envelopes were sealed and ready to be delivered! 



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