Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Room at a Time :: DIY Hanging Pot Rack


Today I am so excited to finally show off my hands-down favorite project that we did in our mini-kitchen makeover for my one room @ a time series. This idea came about while I was organizing the kitchen cabinets and trying to figure out what to do with all our pots and pans. I was starting to feel discourage about the entire project (yes, only two days into it, ha!) since I didn't feel much was changing aesthetically (organizing, yes! But the pretty just wasn't there yet). 

Jason has been really into the idea of a hanging pot rack above our peninsula, but I was worried that would close in the area a bit, and I love how open it feels. 

A few weeks ago, I had found this pin and saved it:

{found on this site}

I loved how the pots & pans were hung in such a way that it didn't take up much visual space. Apparently I really liked it, because it turns out I also pinned this image a year ago as well :) 

I had an idea on how to recreate it in our kitchen, but since the only wall it would be able to go on was occupied by our huge mixer, there was no way to do it. I didn't want to move the mixer because if it's not on the counter, I find we barely use it. 

Then one day, our only-a-year-old microwave turned off and never turned back on again. This thing was a beast that took up an entire small counter. Here's a reminder:

{it's the giant piece to the right of the oven} You can also see the red mixer in the left corner. 

Having it kick the bucket gave us the excuse to by a new, smaller one that we could tuck away in our kitchen cart (out of sight!). We don't use it too often, and honestly I love the idea of having it be a tad inconvenient so that we don't use it all the time. This cleared up an entire counter that I then was able to move the mixer and spice rack to.
 I feel like our microwave breaking was a sign {perhaps a gift??} from the universe! 
It allowed me to then do this:

To do this, I simply used a thin curtain rod we had in our family room that was left there by previous tenants.  I have plans to replace it with a curtain rod that we already own that has been sitting on our bedroom floor since we moved in....a year ago. The length was perfect, and I actually don't even mind the finish. I had Jason screw it in flush with the bottom of our upper cabinets:

The "hooks" are actually shower curtain hooks turned backwards. I had an entire, new package of them that I have been holding onto for a year now, waiting to use them with another project. 

So, that made this entire, amazing project FREE. 

I am over the moon with how this project turned out. I think Jason and I both knew the second it went up that we were smitten. It's functional (I get kind of giddy every time I reach for a pot and realize it's right up there!) and really opens up the space.  It also adds a casual feel to the room which is something I am looking to do to the entire home. I should note, that because of the height of our cabinets, only the smaller pots/pans fit up there. The larger ones are still tucked below. 

This project also renewed my excitement about the entire series. If all the rooms turn out half as great as our kitchen has, I will be thrilled :)


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