Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Construction Party Reveal {New to Shop}

Hi there!!
I am so happy to be sharing the construction truck party I threw this weekend for our son's 3rd birthday. I had a ton of fun putting this together, and I hope you can find a little inspiration in it along the way :)
As I mentioned a few weeks back, I knew we wanted to do a party centered around the love our little man had for Jason's vintage construction trucks.     
Next, I gathered up a bunch of inspiration via the web and Pinterest , and came up with a Plan of Action.
Ready to see? 


{check out how we made this barricade here}

The high school by us is currently under construction, so I could just NOT resist snapping up a few photos of our guy posing with all the trucks. I placed the pictures going up the stairs above the hats.


Our crew was served subs in individual lunch boxes:

While the guests were arriving they were able to sit at a table and draw with handmade truck crayons and sheets I had printed to match the party.

We also set up a small sand area where the kids were able to dig and play with some small trucks.

Other games we played were these:
The kids had to each pop a balloon with their hands or body. Inside was a small note that either read, "sorry, you only uncovered a lousy rock!" or "Winner!".

A little game of ring toss:

...and a bean bag toss into some of the trucks we had.




{I used this tutorial on how to create those diagnol lines!}

***This party is now available in my shop!!***
This party couldn't have been the same without some of these amazing products:
Happy Humpday :)




  1. What a nice Party!! I'm looking a while for a Party like this. My son is turning four in April. Just saw this pictures on Klaras Homepage. Thanks for the inspiration!

    All the best
    Jasmin from

    1. Thanks Jasmin! I had a blast creating it :)

  2. Bravo! I do not have any children, so I was looking for inspiration for my niece. My youngest neice, who is now 24, just had her 1st little girl in September. So I am looking forward to the 1st birthday party. I was blown away by your creativity. My husband, who will be 48, said he would love this party NOW-lol! Very impressed. Hope all the kids enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed the photos.

    1. Thanks! I always know I have done a good job when not only the kids, but the grown ups, like the party ;)

  3. How did you make the jello barricades? They are really cute! Great job, and thank you for sharing.

    1. I had originally intended to make the jello in layers (orange, than a mix of clear gelatin and coolwhip, etc), but I had a lot of problems with the jello for some reason that weekend, so I ended up just making regular orange jello (making them in the small pitchers they are shown in- link to those are at the end- they were from Party City) and wrapping white fabric strips around them to create the stripes. That way was a lot easier :)

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Where did you find the rings that you used for the cone ring toss?

    1. I a pretty sure that I found them at Party City. I think they had a bunch of rings and stuff meant for ring tosses and other games. Good luck!