Monday, December 3, 2012

Construction Party :: A Warm Welcome with a Little DIY Action

Hello guys :)
Tonight I wanted to share one of our little DIY projects for the construction party we threw this weekend.
As I have said before in the past, I really like to make a big deal about the entrance to a party since I really feel it helps set the mood right off the bat. First impression are everything, right??
One great way to do this is with a wreath that matches your decor. I actually did do one for this party, but I really wanted to take it a step further as in, further into our front yard :)
Since we still had a bunch of scrap wood leftover from our family room project, we were able to make this for only a few dollars. Which is awesome, since I may or may not go a little overboard in my spending for parties ;)
I had Jason cut our scraps into four pieces (2 of each size) and paint them with primer.

For the legs, we purchased some deck posts from the hardware store for less than a $1 each. We kind of liked the length, so we just primed them as well.

For the boards in front I taped them off and painted diagonal strips using leftover orange paint I still had from our upcycled dresser redo.

Jason just nailed the boards to the posts next:
Then he created a little connector piece that also allows us to fold the barricade when we are not using it.

Some touching up and we had ourselves a great little construction horse!

I created the sign myself on the computer and printed it up on 11 x 17 paper and adhered it to foam board before gluing it to the horse.

{I spy an adorable birthday you???}

I will hopefully have the full party up soon this week - after I go through the 300 photos I took, ha!
Hope your Monday was a good one :)

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  1. Krisilyn McCauleyJune 7, 2016 at 1:01 AM

    May I please ask how you tapes these things? I'm having a hard time taping them evenly I already have mine put together and primed white now I'm trying to get the orange stripes on