Monday, November 26, 2012

Construction Truck Party :: Plan of Action

Hello :)
We have been busy cyber monday-ing our little hearts out over here and I am just starting to settle back into a routine after our long holiday.
We finally began putting up our Christmas decorations, much to the cat's delight!
Aside from decorating, we have such a crazy-busy week ahead. It is game time for our construction truck party for our little guy, since the big day is (eek!) this weekend! I have been getting all the details together and DIY-ing my little heart out.
Awhile back I did a quick sketch of our party plan of action.

This is just when I sketch out some ideas and come up with a basic plan on how I would like the party to look. Often things change as it comes time to actually by things and start putting things together.

Having it all out on paper tends to help me plan what I need to make and buy.

As far as designing the party is concerned, I typically start with the invitation. From there I tend to build on that design. The invites have been out for awhile now...want to sneak a peak??

I considered doing a box invitation with this but decided to just do a detail on the envelope instead:

I am so excited to put this party together!!
Follow me on instagram: nestling_designs for pics to see more sneak peaks as the week goes on!
Hope your week started off wonderful as well :)

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