Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pinterest to Done! :: Chalkboard Daily Calendar

I am so excited to share with you the finished product of this project that I showed a sneak peak of this weekend!
This project has been one that I have slowly been working on here and there for about a month now. It all started with this amazing pin that a pinned over a year ago:
Pinned Image
First things first: it had me at chalkboard.
Next, I loved the idea of using smaller squares for an entire week worth of planning.
Loved it, pinned it, and well....forgot about it :)
Lately, however, the kids have had so much going on (dr's appt's, practices, homework due, etc) that I really wanted to start writing all their stuff down in its own place. And that is where this came in!
We happened to have some cheap wood laying around from some of the misc projects we did in our family room, and even had some of the left over chalkboard paint as well. Since the project was practically free, there was really no reason NOT to do it, right??
1. First we cut out wood down to 6" squares.
2. Jason used our router along the edges to really make this piece look nice.
3. He drilled a hole in the back (center!) so that we could mount this flush against the wall.

Since we were using the cheap stuff on this project, he had to use wood putty to fill in some of the spaces.
Next, I primed it. When painting things like this, I like to prop it up underneath with something smaller so that the paint doesn't dry to the paper.

A few coats of black chalkboard later, we were looking good! The original pin used wooden letters for the days {which I really wanted to do!}, but I couldn't find any in a font that I liked at the craft store, so I chose some nice scrapbook letters instead.

I also purchased clips because I was obsessed with this pin:
Pinned Image
I loved, loved, loved the idea of being able to just clip the invite right to the day it was going on. With three kids, we get a ton of birthday invitations, which usually clutters up our kitchen command center. Jason and I both agreed that the pin board would probably end up too messy, so we stuck with my original plan of the chalkboards; the clips were a compromise.
To add the clips, I measured the center of the top and marked it with a pencil. I just hot glued them on next.

And then they were done!

The boards are hung next to the kid's art display boards {which don't be surprised if you see a redo of that coming up!}:

The clips are small, so they don't take too much away from the chalkboard, but are surprisingly really strong.

Since the tiles only cover a week worth of stuff, I added a folder to the bins in the kitchen:

I toss all the time sensitive stuff in there and pull it out at the beginning of each week.

Oh, pinterest, where would I be with out you???


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