Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall List :: Kitchen Command Center

Happy Monday!
I am so excited to show you our new and improved "Kitchen Command Center".
Last week, I left you off with my fall list looking like this:
{you can see how I got our snacking situation under control here }
To me, one of the most important things to get under control was the place in our kitchen that holds all the stuff that comes into this house. The bills, the homework, the shopping lists, the receipts....the list goes on and on!
Our previous system was not really functioning well, and was {in short} UGLY.
Ready to see what I did?
The first thing I did was redo our chalkboard.

I rearranged the things that were working for us, and added additional storage on the wall to the right, to help with what wasn't working. {Big help--having a spot dedicated completely to our "needs to be filed" stuff (manuals, bills, etc) Yes, I have a file of things to file. No, I cannot believe this is my life!}

Things that were ugly, I redid. The square fabric piece on the top (middle) is our original black magnet board that we had. I reupholstered it in extra fabric from our dining banquette.  The purple hanging file is actually our cheap, plastic one recovered in fabric.

How perfect is that print on the right??? I just HAD to get it once I saw it :)
Much better!
 Better yet? With this little redo of ours, I have brought in our old kitchen cart from the garage {seen above}...which means even more projects are ahead! We are in the middle of so much family room stuff, I don't even know if that is a good thing or bad thing at this point. ha!
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  1. We love your creative command center and recently featured it on our design center blog. Thanks for sharing!