Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall List :: A Place for Homework

Well, we officially have a first grader :)
Adorable, right??
Well, don't be fooled....this adorable little guy will be bringing no less than 3545652 pieces of paper/homework/artwork into this house this year alone :)
So. Onto the next thing on my list, and not a moment too soon!
I left you yesterday with this list:

{Check out how I redid our snacks and kitchen command center}
This is how our new system is going to work{that said, I am fully aware that as the year goes on, this may change}:
Once they get home from school {since our daughter is only starting part time preK, they will be coming home at different times}, they will hand me all the papers from their "take home folders". They do this anyway, so really it's just a matter of me not throwing the papers on our kitchen cabinet and forgetting about them. From there, they are separated into three piles:
The completed work/art is taken (and, of course, 'ooohed and ahhhed over') then clipped up into the magnet board we have in our hallway for their art.

That day's art and completed school work is hung by a clip, so that when daddy comes home, he knows where to look for their most current work. Each child has their own clip. Older work is moved to the rest of the magnet board, like this:

The forms that are meant for me, are divided into 2 catagories: stuff that needs action (fundraisers, etc) and information. I hold the places of both of these things in one of the hanging files I just added to our kitchen command center:

Things that need action or need to be returned to the school are placed in these folders:

{make these chalkboard labels with this tutorial}

Home work that still needs to be done will be placed on our magnet board until we sit down to do it together {soon, in our new and improved family room!!}
All the information (like the student handbook with numbers, etc) are placed in the binder that I keep in the file holder as well:

The rest of that binder is a whooooole other post in itself :)
Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
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  1. I can't believe he's in 1st grade already! He is so handsome and a very talented artist! I love how you make such a point of displaying thier work!