Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall List :: Good Deed Jar and a Freebie Friday

I don't know about you, but I am super excited for this Friday! Jason actually has the weekend off and we will *hopefully* be putting together the desks in our family room- the biggest project in there {so, naturally, the part that we have been putting off the most!}
For those of you sticking around to see me tackle off my little self-made Fall to-do list, THANKS! I plan to show off a few more next week as well as some of the other projects we have been working on over here.
So, we last left off with my little list looking like this:
{check out our new systems for our snacks, homework, and kitchen command center}

Next up, was to revamp our good deed system.
Awhile back, I had pinned these good deed cards and printed them up.
They worked out great, and our kids loved them. Every time they did something nice, they were given a hole punch. Once the card was full, they got to pick out something from our good deed box.
{the box is filled with candy and small toys.....they are only interested in the candy!}
The problem? The cards were often out of sight, and I had to do the punching-which meant that there were often times that I was in the other room, and would "owe" the kids a hole punch.
With the new school year coming, I really wanted to amp up this idea and get them excited again.
Then, in one of our gazillion trips to the thrift store, I ran across this object for only 99cents.

I have no clue what it is, or what it does (there are small hole in the bottom, so it's not a bud vase...), but it had three tubes (and we have three kiddos!), so it came home with me ;)
I gave it a quick coat of paint, added some scrapbook letters I already had. Already prettier! Our plan is to keep it on the counter where it is always in sight.

We purchased the glass rocks at our dollar store. Every time one of the kids do something nice, they get to grab a rock and put it in their tube. They can do this themselves!

Another fabulous thing?? When the do something BAD, I can now take a rock back. {or, as the mean mommy I am, I can opt to give it to the other child they were being mean to! ha!}

I also wanted them to work as a team towards a common goal. This summer, we held tons of movie nights, where the kids got to stay up past their bed time, watch a rented movie with popcorn and milk with silly straws. They LOVED this. I wanted to continue with this in our good deed system, so I created some punch cards (like the previous good deed ones). Every time one of our kids fills up their jar, they pick out something from our good deed box and I punch a hole in our new Movie Night card. Ten punches =  a movie night (on a weekend, of course!). The fourth movie night will actually be to go to the theaters.

They are already excited about it! And as you can tell, we are well on our way to our first and second punches :)

Like the card? Well, I am posting it for a

I left the cards blank, so you can use them however you like.

Just CLICK HERE to download the free sheet of four cards. 

sooooooooo, remember  how I said we were super close to two hole punches? Well, I gave them out this morning and realized {:::sigh:::} that the card is to big to fully punch all across the line. Ooops! I am going to revamp this card in the future, but am leaving this one up as well, because you can still use it to cross off, put stickers on, or put in a small frame and use it with dry erase markers. See how mistakes always make you more creative :)

Have a great weekend!!

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