Friday, November 16, 2012

Mod Monkey Party :: Plans & Inspiration

Hello :)
Before I share the monkey party I threw for Braden last year, I wanted to show a bit of the process of how I got there.
As with every party, my first step was to gather inspiration. This party was actually one of the very first Pinterest boards that I created. Here is what I started with:
All links and sources can be found here.
Just like I did for the Monster Truck Party and the Care Bear Party, I took my inspiration pictures and created a plan of action:
 I typically just sketch out some ideas and thoughts, so these drawings aren't always the prettiest or easiest to read.

Drawing it out usually helps me to gather ideas and to see what things will work and what won't.

I promise to have the actual party up on Monday!!
 I was going to try to have it up tonight, but the temps actually broke the 50* mark today for a golden hour of time, so I had to try to finish up a quick DIY project that I have slowly been working on:
Any guesses as to what they are going to be??
Have a great weekend!

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