Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mod Monkey Party

Without a doubt, our little man's party last year is a major contender for one of my all time faves! We knew we wanted to do a monkey themed party since we called our little guy 'monkey' all the time.
The theme really came together while I was making the invitations. I just kept thinking of a this fun & modern twist on the whole "see no, hear no, speak no" monkeys. Throw in a little Warhol and we had ourselves a party!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were served on {on what else?} Banana Bread.
{PS. this was delicious!}


Since this was just a small party for a few close friends, activities included some cute games, like this bean bag toss I made.
 {and yes, the top guy looks a little angry. This is why I like to stick to digital work, ha!}


This whole printable party is available on my Etsy Shop,  including the cupcake wrappers & toppers not featured in the party above:

You can buy the entire party package and the invitations in my Etsy shop!
Happy Monday :)

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