Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kitchen Organization :: Tupperware Storage

I have been keeping a bit of a secret over here.
Alright, maybe it's not a secret since it is scattered all throughout our kitchen.
We have a tupperware storage problem.
As in, spilling out of an entire cabinet and unto every horizontal surface kinda problem. {And, yes, our shelf fell down too, just in time to make this picture look even more pitiful!}

Part of what makes our snack system work so well is that I do not refill our tubs until the kids have pretty much gone through our entire stash. This makes them choose the items that are healthy, but not as coveted as, say, granola bars. The problem with this is that at certain times, it leaves our cabinets overflowing with all the containers that make the system work.
Meanwhile, in another cabinet, this was going on:

All of a sudden, our bowls just weren't fitting like they used to. Clearly something wasn't working! Since the bowl cabinet is a larger, lower one, I decided to switch it out to be used for our tupperware. The old tupperware cabinet became the new bowl storage:

Already much nicer, right?!
To keep the lids and bottoms of our tupperware organized, I knew I wanted to something that would house the items in groups.
I dreamed of all the lovely drawer systems I have pinned in Pinterest.
Like this beauty:
Pinned Image
Or this one:
Pinned Image
I started thinking of things around the house that could be used as a makeshift drawer. Suddenly it hit me - the plastic drawers we have that aren't currently in use. And, the fit perfectly!

They don't fit it the correct way {boo!}, so I don't have a handle to pull, but by placing them in backwards, I can get them to fit. It even creates a lovely 'stop' so you can't just pull it out of the cabinet:

I used one drawer for all the bottoms, and one for the tops. Most of containers come in sets, so I grouped them by that.

Same for the lids. For the smaller lids I placed them in smaller containers to help keep them corralled.

Since this cabinet can be opened on either side {it sits in the peninsula part of our kitchen} I placed the larger containers in the back so they could be easily reached as well.

I am giving this new system a few weeks to see if it really works. So far we are about 2
 weeks in and love it. A little longer and I think I just might give myself permission to make it pretty :)

So much better!

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