Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Fabric Covered Light Pendant + more Family Room Projects

Tonight I am sharing one of my fave DIY projects that I did for the family room as well as a few other small things I did in the space.
I had been eying this cheap, little pendant light that Target had in their back-to-school collection for weeks. I resisted the urge to buy it at full price because I just knew it was one of those things that would go on clearance. And I was right! As soon as it dipped down to 50% off I snatched it up. The fixture itself consists of simple, plastic pieces that you assemble yourself:
There was no way to keep this as-is; the color (or lack there of!) blends into the wall too much and you would never be able to see it. Plus, that would just be too easy, right? ha!

One by one, I traced every piece and cut them out. I first did a trial one (to make sure that these things would bend after I put the fabric on!) and realized that I didn't need to recover the little tabs since they didn't show at all - this alone saved me oodles of time!
I found this great fabric at Joanns. I loved the colors (and the price!). Since I still wanted light to be able to come through this, I made sure to chose a fairly thin fabric.
Next, I attached the fabric using a spray adhesive. Once dry, I put it all together.

....and I am in love. So simple, this project came out ah-mazing. My only regret? That I didn't snag up a few more before they were all sold out! Since I dreaded doing this project because I was sure it would be a big pain, I put it off for weeeeks.
Here's hoping that Ikea has something similar, because I already have a home in mind for the next one :)

Since I totally over guessed how much fabric I would need for this project, I had a ton left over. I knew exactly what to do with some of it.
Recover one of the magazine holders that would be going back into the room:

First, I cut around the shape, leaving about a 1/4" all around to later glue.

Wrapping it around, I folded and glued my end in the back. I also folded over the extra top and bottom portions and glued those as well.

Next, I spruced up some craft jars we've had forever. Nothing you haven't seen around Pinterest a hundred times, right? :)
To keep this project free, I didn't buy any spray paint, I just used some acrylic paint I already had on hand. Not as great as a finish but since these will be tuck up on the shelf, I didn't mind.

{because one can never own too many googly eyes!}

Make sure to stop by tomorrow - I am going to show off one of the biggest DIY project that we had in the room!!
Until then...

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  1. That is freaking amazing! I will look at the target here on Saturday...Fingers crossed!
    It looks awesome!