Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Storage Craftiness in the Family Room

Wow, can you believe it's actually election night?! I know I rocked the vote, and I hope you all did as well :)
 (Except you, Mom- Florida is already too close! LOL  ...Can you tell that we are a family divided?)
Tonight I wanted to share with you some of the super easy ways I changed up some of the storage bins we had in our family room. To make room in our budget for the fun things (hello fabric!), I pinched pennies wherever I could.
A few years back we had picked up a cheap pair of bins from Ikea
I mentioned yesterday, how our old family room was Seuss themed. Here are the bins in action in the old place:
And, look! You can even see the old storage box I showed off yesterday in all its glory :)
Since the new room has a lot of pattern going on, I wanted to keep this redo simple (and free). I used some white fabric I had leftover from an old sheet. I measured the length around the bin, added an inch, and did the same for the height. Since my fabric was too thin to cover up the dark bin, so I double layered it. Next, I raided my kid's stencil collection, much like I did for the gift wrapping   I did this past weekend. That right- I have no shame. I was hoping to find a simple siluette of an animal and was lucky enough to find three!

I taped the stencil to the fabric. I used acrylic craft paint since I have no intentions of washing these. I used a sponge brush to dab on the paint- I chose a gray.

I repeated this process three more times.

I didn't photograph the process of adhering the fabric because I honestly wasn't sure how I felt about them. Even after box #3! I basicallly wrapped it around, securing it with hot glue along the inner edges (inside the box).

They are not as finished looking as I would like, but over all I'm pretty happy with them.
The next project began with a gray bin I found at Target for $2.50.
I decided to just stencil in the word "paints" since that is what it would be holding.

To ensure that I wrote them in a straight line, I first traced the letters using painters tape as my guide. Before painting, I took off the tape and used the marks as a guide of where to place my stencils.

I'm really happy with how this one turned out.
Hope this Tuesday evening is finding you well - and not too stressed over the election :)

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  1. OOPS...Looks like the kids need more paint. Grama better go shopping soon :) You did an awesome job on this project!
    And even though we're a family divided in politics I'll always love you!