Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Haunted {play} House

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! {and yay for you who get today off as well!}.
We finally got around to putting up our Halloween decorations. I usually like to get them up early in the month so that I have the maximum time to enjoy them....we are running a little slow this year :)
The first project we tackled is actually a first for us. The kids have had this cute, little, wooden playhouse in the back for about 3yrs now (as you can tell in the photos!). Something clicked this past week, and I thought "wouldn't it be neat if we let the kids decorate their own house by picking up stuff from the dollar store?". Well. We got to the dollar store with every intent of allowing each child to choose 2 items (stating several times that candy did not count as decoration!). And they did really well sticking to those guidelines.
Um, me....not so much. Everything just seemed so perfect for a little house!
Here is what their playhouse looked like before:
And then after a few little dollar store finds (and one amazing tree we already owned), we had ourselves a little haunted house!

Isn't this doorknob awesome??! Pic #1 for Jay.

The black gauze fabric was Jay's second pic...made some great curtains!

Spiderwebs: Cayden's first pic, and always a good idea!

The lantern was Cayden's second choice...makes for the perfect indoor light :)

The cardboard "wood boards" were inspired by a pin found here.

Safe to say, the kids loved the entire project :)
Happy Monday!

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