Friday, April 6, 2012

Freebie Friday: Peter Cotton {candy} Tail

What better Friday to introduce my new weekly series than Good Friday??

This week's freebie Friday was an idea born out of the need to use up all the extra white cotton candy I had left over from my daughter's party, originally seen HERE. 

Since Easter is this weekend, what better way to celebrate than to make Peter Cotton {candy} Tails?

I created the pattern silhouettes on my computer, printed & cut them out, and then taped on wooden skewers. I placed small bunches of the white cotton candy in the appropriate places to create cotton tails, and adorned the sticks with some ribbon I had lying around.

I told them if they got to eat the cotton candy, then they had to smile while I took pictures...this is what I got :)

If you didn't have cotton candy, you could easily switch out a large marshmallow or even cottonballs and just use them as decoration or "wands".

And these are yours FREE to print up and use however you like :) I would LOVE to see how you use them!

Just click
to print!

Have a great Easter weekend!


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