Thursday, December 20, 2012

Homemade Christmas :: A Box of Warm Wishes

Hello :)
Today's homemade Christmas gift was created for our son's teacher and bus driver. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Once again, my main goal was to make a homemade gift, but make it look special. {and of course, pretty!!}
This first part to this gift, was the pocket warmers. I made two smaller versions of the comfort rice packs in a 4" x4" size. This time I found a cute, little baby's outfit from the thrift store that I knew would be perfect:

I loved the white color and texture - perfect for winter :) I also found a soft, cotton turtleneck in the adult section that I used for the back of these packs {I also used it as a backing to the baby fabric since I wasn't sure if the rice would stay in the knitted parts}.
I created a personalized, hand-stamped tag again and wrapped them both up with twine and created a small tag with directions:

The second part to this 'warm wishes' box was hot chocolate and marshmallows. I made small little bags for the marshmallows out of sandwich bags {taping them on the back to keep closed} and cut out heart shaped pieces from red fabric.

Since I wanted this gift to seem more luxurious, we bought specialty hot chocolate {Starbucks Dark}. The bags are actually folded in half - they are really long. I cut out some burlap fabric I had and wrapped around some red and white baker's twine.

And that was it :)

I created a little bunting banner to display our message on the inside of the box:

I decided not to wrap these; just a stamp and some washi tape. {Thanks Kristen for the idea!}

Here's the tag on the pocket warmers if you want to copy it and make your own:

Agh! Can you believe it's almost Christmas???

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