Monday, April 15, 2013

TV Console Update

Hello lovelies :)

Tonight I am sharing the simplest DIY that only cost a few bucks, but made a world of difference. 

As some of you may remember from our family room makeover we converted a used and ugly dresser into our TV console. Don't remember? Here it is in all its storage-wielding beauty:

{you can see the whole transformation here}

It has been in full action now for about 9 months, and I would tell anyone even considering a new TV console to not just walk, but to run and find a dresser to use as one. It has been working out beautifully for us! The storage it gives just can't be found anywhere else. 

But, I have to admit there are....downsides to finding an old beauty and fixing her up. Um, like this:

Yeah, that would be what I like to call our dark, little secret - the inside of the drawers were pretty gross. 
Nothing some cleaning and contact paper couldn't fix ;)

At the same time that I picked up the contact paper I used in our kitchen organization project, I grabbed some gray and white chevron contact paper as well. I honestly didn't have a plan for it when I bought it, but once I started working on the family room as part of my one room at a time series I knew exactly where to use it. 

A ton better, right?!

 After covering each drawer, I went through each and organized and purged. The center drawers all hold the electronics:
Wii games and remotes are organized in dividers:

The bottom has their tablets and games {just to prove how much more work I still have to go in organizing out house, I could only find four of the games that go with these consoles!}:

The larger, side drawers hold all our games and activities. We actually still have two drawers empty which is one of the reasons I know this system will work - we have room to grow ;)

Ready to see some ugly again?

Happy Monday {night}!


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