Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kid's Bookcase DIY Makeover

Hi guys!

I am excited to share with you one of the first projects we conquered in our Family Room

Here is a little secret about our house: it's full with needs-to-be-done projects. As in ugly stuff everywhere that is looking for some love ;) 

This bookcase I bought a few months back was no exception. 

I picked it up at Goodwill for a few bucks because I couldn't help but think how great it could look...with a complete redo, ha!

Aside from the primary colors that totally don't go with anything in our house, it was covered in cheap fabric that was just inviting a rip to happen:

First thing I did was take it apart and prime and paint it. {sorry- I totally forgot to take pictures of this part!} To keep it looking light and airy we choose a soft white, {Dove White by Glidden} in high gloss.  Since we were taking it from a dark red, it took three coats of primer and two of paint. 

Next up was recovering the fabric pouches. Originally I thought about just making a new one, but I thought that if I just sewed new fabric to the existing one that it would be easier to get the lines right and it would be sturdier. 

All in all I used a little less than 2yds of fabric. I cut it to width and pinned it around the edges, making sure to  mark where the poles went through so I didn't sew them shut. Pinning was tedious, but easy.

The fabric was a find at Ikea for only $4.99 a yard. After the pinning I sewed the edges and across the width  under each pole insert:

Wanna see how this baby looks now?

I am over the moon with how it turned out! It is {finally!} no longer an eyesore. We are using it to store some books and some of the kid's magazines as well. They have a lot of subscriptions, but we never had a good place to put them. 

And since everyone loves a good before and after:

Happy Friday!  



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  1. I love the fabric! The colors all coordinate with everything else in the room. Another job well done! So happy for you :)