Wednesday, February 6, 2013

China Cabinet Dreams

Good Morning!

So, if you follow me on Instagram (@nestling_designs), you would have seen me post of this little treasure I found at our Goodwill last week:

Although we are nowhere near starting on our living/office area, for $12.99 there was just no way I could pass this wooden china cabinet up. This baby is 7ft tall and weighs a ton (at least from what I'm know I didn't move that!). Umm, can you just see the storage possibilities??!

I wont be using it to store china or plates (although it does make me kinda want to have a formal dining space). I will be using in my office area to store craft supplies and such. 

I think our master plan for the space it will be in is to paint the walls more of a lighter color, so I really want to paint this a darker, richer color to make it pop a bit. I have really been crushing on cabinets painted in a deep gray/blue hue, like these:

Here's my plan:

When I found the shark tooth pull, I was instantly smitten. Jason? He needs a little convincing ;)
I love the idea of lining the back inside with this wallpaper, but I think I might even have a way to do it for FREE.
Since the shark tooth pull is so interesting, I wanted to keep the 3 on the bottom a bit more simple, like these

...For now this baby is just hanging out in our living room, but in a few weeks I've got big plans for it ;)


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