Monday, February 4, 2013

Boy's Room

Hello! How was your weekend? 

Between superbowl parties and soccer practice, we made so much progress on our kitchen this weekend, that we are thisclose to being finished! 

Today, I wanted to share with you my plans for our boys' room. It's the one room that I am not trying to for super cheap, because honestly?? It just needs way too much work!

The boys currently have a bunk bed from Ikea, but the bottom mattress sits on the floor, which was really cute when our youngest was still in a crib and we used this part as a play area. But now that he is in a bed, I HATE it. I cannot wait to switch out the beds. We are going to do twin beds instead, which will take up a little more space, but I think that it will work out really nicely. 

I originally thought we would go for a wooden bed, but I stumbled across a really cool headboard from Target online, and it instantly became "the one". 

The modern headboard really kick-started the colors in the bedroom. I love its bright pop of orange and it's glossy finish. 

I wasn't really sure where I was headed until I found this amazing chevron pillow. We will be incorporating the knitted, red quilts that the boys already have from my Grandmother, and I love how this fabric incorporates red with the orange {and the gray that I was thinking for the walls!}

Since we will have the red from the quilt, I really wanted to go with a nice, neutral gray bedspread. I love the subtle pattern on it. 

Next up, I would layer the bed with some fun, bright pillows like this cute pillow with the quote. Maybe one that has each boys' name?

Lighting is a major deal, and I love the added pop of red that this pendant light brings. 

Between the two beds there will be the desk Jason had a kid, and I am hoping to repaint it to look similar to this navy dresser.

Each boy in the house has already agreed that they like this navy rug the best. 

I would like to have a small area for reading and playing. I think a gallery wall of prints would look darling. 
I really like this spiderman one and the wild things one.

I would also really like to have a small chair with a pillow in this area, just like the chair and dinosaur pillow

This lamp would be perfect for the small nook.

Small accessories are a must, like these adorable antler hooks.

I love everything about it, I wish I could just start on it tomorrow :)

Anyone else dream about rooms that they are not yet working on??



  1. I'm currently dreaming/planning my son's "big boy" room when he's ready to move from the crib to the bed. So I'm loving your inspiration board and think I need to steal that dinosaur pillow. My son is IN LOVE with dinosaurs.
    P.s. I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest and after reading your blog post about a recent ER trip I discovered (through the hospital name) that you must live nearby to me. Loving your blog and will definitely be a regular reader :)

    1. Thank you for all the kind words :) We do live in the "ChicagoLand" area. Although the more kids we have, the further away from the city we seem to be getting, ha!

      The pillow is awesome, right?? I'm a little obsessed with it myself ;)