Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Past Week

Sorry I have been a little MIA the past week. The week started off with the best intentions. I was finally getting over my ridiculous cold. Our youngest was all set to start his new school for the FIRST TIME. Heck, everyone was supposed to go to school after being home all winter break! And me? I was going to have several childless hours, which I still can't even imagine. 

Then Sunday night came. Call it the stomach bug, but our big guy's belly blew up like a balloon. 
I'm talking like a big, fat pregnant balloon. 
So off to the ER we went, for tests and IVs. 
(he's fine now)

He just looks so SAD here, right?! Breaks my heart. Meanwhile, at home our youngest got sick as well.
Needless to say, there was no school to be had the next day. 

Tuesday came with follow up appointments, and admitting our little Boo into the hospital for his (planned) surgery. 

It was a no-fun-horrible-two-day-long stay that left everyone ready to go home. 

The Children's hospital we stayed at was wonderful, and our little man left with oodles of brand new toys. 

We spent our time playing around....

....and getting some much needed rest.

By the time it was finally his turn to go in, he was so annoyed with everyone and everything for not being able to eat in almost 24hrs, he had little to say besides, "Bad Mommy" and "Bad Daddy" :)
His surgery only took 1/2 an hour, so luckily we didn't have to wait too long waiting for this thing to go off:

We came home to a sick little girl (she was the last one to get it!) Wednesday evening, and it was sometime on Thursday that I gave up on even entertaining the idea of writing a post :)

But I am happy to report, that we are all finally doing well (today was the first I was actually motivated to do something, ha!). I spent the last of my weekend working on a few custom projects for some clients:

Don't you just love my view?! All new "family portraits" drawn by our girl....hey, at least she made sure to draw me thin ;)

So that's where I've was your weekend? 


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