Monday, December 17, 2012

Gingerbread Party

Happy Monday!
I'm excited to share with you the "sweet" little party we threw this weekend for just a handful of our children's friends. I knew that we just wouldn't have the time to throw an all-out Christmas party this year, so I have decided to throw two smaller, low-key versions ;)
 Gingerbread was our theme and we based all our decorations off that.
Invitations went out by hand and featured an actual hard candy, because really, shouldn't everything come with candy??!
I fastened our front wreath with some adorable lights I found on sale at one of my many late night Toys R Us runs:


Wrapped balloons in cellophane acted as large candy decoration.

For a real treat, we made homemade gingerbread ice cream, served with little gingerbread men.

I set up small birdhouses that I painted brown to act as gingerbread houses {white felt was cut out and glued to look like 'snow'}.

The got to decorate them with ribbon, poms, pipecleaners, and foam stickers. 

Next up was gingerbread men decorating:

And we were left with some beautiful creations :)

The guests were sent home with their little men wrapped up with with their name:

....and a little box of popcorn using this recipe.

Everyone had a blast, and we are now one step closer to Christmas!
How was your weekend?

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