Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Cookie Decorating

We have a tradition in our house that every Christmas Eve we bake and decorate cookies for Santa. I try to make even the small traditions special, so last year I made each of our children personalized aprons that they received the evening of our decorating.
I rolled each one up and tied it with a new cookie cutter that I backed with scrapbook paper and a sticker with their initial on it.

I cut out place mats from red vellum paper that I had on hand and used letters I cut out with my Cricut machine to personalize those as well.

Since right about this time last year I was just becoming obsessed with Pinterest, I couldn't resist creating the snowman glasses you see everywhere.

Adorable, right??
{and loved by all!}
Next up the kids made and cut out the cookies. Honestly, this year I am going to take my own advice and do this part the day before {or maybe even without them!} since the kids reeeeeeally lack the patience it takes to wait for them to bake and cool.

Besides, all they really care about is the decorating part :)

Now for a little bit of fun, here's a peak into our world. All I wanted was a picture of all three kids wearing the aprons their poor mother made BY HAND. {and by hand, I mean with a sewing machine :) }
This two minute ordeal was literally so painful to our oldest he couldn't even stand up... that's him melting away on the left ;)

This is what I am dealing with on a daily basis, folks :)
What kind of traditions do you do?

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