Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thank You's

Today was our Monday {Thanks to Jason's eclectic work schedule we rarely have a "normal" work week}, and it was filled with much organizing and cleaning. I may or may not have caused a domino effect in our house this weekend.
You see, I just wanted Jason to move some bookshelves that were downstairs into our room upstairs...
Which meant that the ones that were upstairs needed to come down. And since they only fit on a certain wall, we needed to move my desk. And since my desk is now near the sofa, we needed to move a small table {where? I don't yet know!}. And since we moved the bigger shelves upstairs, I needed to find a new home for our cookbooks. And so on, and so on.
Um, oops? But so far I am loving all the changes.
I also finally managed to whip up some thank you cards for Braden's birthday party. I am the worst when it comes to actually sending these out!

{and yes, I realized after I snapped this picture that the wording is a little redundant}
So, at least I was a little productive :) How's your week going so far?
Happy Monday Tuesday!

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