Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY Contact Paper Spider Web

Wowzers, can you believe that Halloween is this Wednesday??! I am reminded of the countdown on a daily basis from the kids, but it still kinda sneaked up on me this year!
We have been super busy getting everything in order for Jameson's class party. Being the class party planner has always been my favorite way to volunteer (imagine that, ha!), and I am excited to start putting together some of the simple and fun ideas we have planned for the day.
The other day I was looking through old Halloween pictures of ours, and I came across an old project a did a few years back, that I had totally forgotten about and I wanted to share it with you guys!
I have talked about my love of contact paper before. I still say I could come up with a 100 projects for the stuff, so here goes #2 :)
DIY Contact Paper Spider Web:
1. Using a similar technique that I did for my DIY chalkboard labels , I first started painting some contact paper (this time I used clear) with a black acrylic paint. While it was still wet, I sprinkled some black and silver glitter onto it to make it sparkle a bit.
2. Once the paper was dried, I cut it into strips about 1/2" wide; some long strips, some short.
3. Peel and start adhering to the wall. Cut pieces as needed for your design.  I started off by making the center shape and then added the longest pieces next. The shorter ones came last.
This project was easy and free (since I already had the supplies on hand) and created a big impact for the space that we put it in. The paper came off easily when we were all done and did not take off any of our paint.
As far as projects go, I'd say that this one may be an oldie, but goodie :)
Happy Monday!

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