Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall List :: Junk Drawer

Happy Labor Day!
Here's a quick post to show you how I fixed our out of control junk drawer, a must on my Fall Organizing List:
Our drawer {I'm sure like many others} had gotten out of control.

I mean, really!
I honestly think that cleaning out your junk drawer is a {relatively} simple task that gives you a big sense of accomplishment. This time, however, I wanted to fix two of our biggest issues as well.
 First, the drawer we were using is set at an angle. I don't know what is wrong with it, but everything slides down, into the cabinet. Super annoying. I didn't want to switch drawers with anything {like our silverware} because the same annoying issue would still be there.
My second issue was the cheap, blue containers we had to "organize" the drawer.
We bought them at the dollar store when our first little guy was still a baby. They are supposed to lock together, but they are constantly coming apart and "drifting" around the drawer.
First thing, I did was take the top drawer of our kitchen cart {freshly moved into our kitchen from the garage as part of our kitchen command center redo. } and turned that into our new junk drawer. The old drawer now houses our cutting boards-something I don't mind moving around!
I found a great drawer organizer at HomeGoods. I knew that I wanted a nice fabric covered one, for no reason other than wanting something nice after dealing with those plastic ones for so long :)  I also like that it was large and one piece.

Next, I took some of the purple fabric I bought to recover our hanging file and lined the inside of the drawer with it. There are several ways to do this, but I just cut a piece of cheap posterboard to fit the drawer and glued our fabric to it.
One of the great things about clearing out a space {even a small one like this} is going through everything and really seeing what you need and don't. For me must-haves were a post its, a notebook, our tape measure and some of the chalk board labels I made.
Because you just never know when you may need to label something. ;)

So, there you go! An easy project, but for me, has made a world of difference!

Hope you are enjoying your last day of summer!

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