Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Weekend!

I cannot believe it's almost Monday AGAIN.
We had a pretty good weekend; hope you did as well!

Another weekend, another party, right??? This one was actually pretty special, because it is for our former neighbor, a little girl {now 8!} that Cayden personally calls "her big sister".

Yes, you will be seeing these extra lollipops around a lot :) I think our order came in two dozen, so there is more where this one came from! I just added a scrapbook sticker, and instantly created a personalized look--a super simple way to dress up plain lollipops at any party!

And take a look at the amazing cake her parents made for her:

can you believe this is the first time that they have ever worked with fondant??

We also got a little shopping done for our little soccer players.......

And remember our little kitty, Domino whom we just got? Well, he seemed awfully lonely, so we decided to get him a little buddy. You could say we bought our cat a cat ;)

So meet Ollie {short for Oliver} our newest and last addition to this crazy family of ours.

We {well, I} were worried that they wouldn't get along. But it was love at first sight.

Squeeeeal... they are so cute, right???

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