Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monster Truck Party :: Invitations


I am excited to show to you the Monster Truck invitation I created for our party. I am a big believer that invitations really set the mood for the type of party you are going to have. I want our {little} guests to be excited the moment they receive theirs!

I originally thought about doing an invitation that looked like a Monster Jam ticket. There are so many of them already out there, however, I didn't really see the point in making them. I was going to just order some, when I came across a handbill on Ebay for a previous Monster Jam.
And I was totally inspired.
So off I was again, sitting at my computer, trying to recreate it to be an invitation.
 I was pretty happy with the results {and they got the Jason approval!}.

I really want this party to encompass the feel of a monster truck show, since it is what sent my son into a monster truck obsession :) I want you to feel the mud and excitement and LOUDNESS.

Ugh, these envelopes!! This should have been such an easy project, but it occurred right at the beginning of the "everything involving technology is turning against Rachel" week  month.
What should have taken half an hour and 24 envelopes took all day and about 40 envelopes. Blah.
But my perseverance paid off, and every child got one :)

All worth it in the end, right??

Hope everyone is having a splendid evening :)



  1. As always you did an amazing job! I love how you staged them outside in the dirt for the photo's, very creative!

  2. Hi! Such a cute party!! I know this was from 4 years ago but if you happen to have the template or the invite background image could you send it to me? My son would love this.