Friday, May 18, 2012

Mud Pit Pudding!


I have seriously been decorating my little cookie-loving heart over here, so there is no Freebie Friday... but I am not leaving you completely empty handed!

Jameson's class at school celebrated his birthday today in class, so we {of course} brought in a dessert for his friends to share.  And {of course} I made sure to tie it into the theme of the party :)

Because, I'm good like that.

 It actually worked out really well, because the venue we are having his party at does not allow "wet" treats (read:pudding), so I got to live out my mud pit dreams through his school. Plus, I happened to have a bunch of sheets of monster truck stickers that were given to us as a replacement for a cancled order throught Ebay....only 12 sheet, so not enough to hand out in goodie bags, but enough for me to cut out and create pics from. I love when decorative things actually serve a purpose instead of being something you just throw away. Perfect!

I knew from the second we got the kid's reactions that the treats were a success. The mud is chocolate pudding and the dirt is ground up oreos. The kids loved smashing them for me :)


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Wish me luck on getting everything set up for the party!



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