Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Storage

Although we haven't had much of winter up here, it has not eliminated the fact that (once again) I needed to figure out a way to store all our MANY gloves, hats, scarves and shoes. Ugh. This has always been one of the hardest things for me to organize because we only use these items a portion of the year.

About two years ago we got a small shoe organizer from IKEA to try to get our shoe problems under control. The problem is that our entry (and by entry, I mean 4sq feet of space you have when you enter our house) is really small. As in nonexistent. So this shoe cubby of ours barely puts a dent into our problem. That, and the fact that our children seem to be physically incapable of actually putting their shoes inside of it :)

So, we decided to nix the shoes and put in all their little winter accessories. One drawer for each child. Easy peasy, right?? Pshh. that didn't work. No one remembered what drawer was theirs, and when they needed something, we ended up searching through the whole thing....just to find it in the bottom of someone else's drawer. ::: sigh :::

Finally, I just cleared it out completely. I dedicated each drawer to one item instead of one child. So now we have a glove drawer, a hat drawer, and a scarf drawer. I made labels and printed them up, putting them on each drawer with clear contact paper. This not only protects the labels but allows me to easily pull them off in a few months when we no longer need them. I don't know why, but this system has been working really well for us the past couple of months! (enter me, in astonishment)

I used simple images so the kids could remember which drawer was which.

It's been working out great, and can work for you too! Just download HERE.

Hope you are having a great winter as well!


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