Friday, February 17, 2012

Care Bear Madness has Begun!

Let the madness begin!
A few days ago I shared some of my ideas for our daughter's Care Bear party. While I have been busy behind the scenes designing all the details, (which, btw, are so cute I can't wait to add them on to Etsy when I am all done!), items for her party have begun to slowly roll in. Because, really, when you are 6 days away from moving and trying to pack up everything you own, who doesn't go out and just buy more stuff?? PRIORITIES, people! Ha!

I have to admit, this is my absolute favorite part of the party planning, where you start to gather all the little details you are going to use. Wait, I take that back. My ABSOLUTE favorite part is setting up and seeing all my ideas FINALLY come to fruition. But there is nothing that makes me giddier than seeing a box full of all the little goodies I have been collecting. Sometimes, I like to just go through everything "one more time" just to see how great everything looks together. Anybody else that crazy??

Every party that I plan I swear is my favorite. And it's least until the next one :) But I swear, this one really pulls a string on my heart. I can still remember watching the CareBear movie when I was little everyday. I kind of feel like I am planning the party of my dreams for the five-year-old in me!

And really, how can you not love something so fun and colorful?

The straws were the first to arrive, and I swear they look better in person than they did online!

...and then I found these adorable little glasses from Goodwill that were only 49cents! They will be absolutely perfect for the little "shots" of milk we are having (just imagine these little babies with a rainbow sprinkle rim)

And then our cloud cookie cutter came. Does anyone else see a bee shape?? I know once the cookies are frosted they will totally look like clouds, and I kinda like knowing that I can reuse this cutter to make bees as well. Double duty!

...and finally the bears came!! We (and by we, I mean our little princess) decided on little toy cupcake toppers. One in each color!! Surprisingly, she chose the cupcake route instead of a cake. For once, she chose something easier for us!

Insert excited squeal!! How can these little guys not just cheer you up??

I have finished designing the invitation on the computer, but just need to take a picture of our birthday girl dressed up in her CareBear costume from Halloween to complete them! I HOPE to actually do this today, although I must admit, I am feeling rather unmotivated. Maybe a sneak preview tomorrow???

'Till then, it's off to packing I go! Ugh :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


***The straws were ordered from the link I gave in my prior post; all other items were purchased either from Goodwill or Ebay***

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