Monday, February 20, 2012

Care Bear Photo Shoot

Amist tons of packing, I managed to stage and take a few pictures of our little girl to go with her invitation (as well as actually come up with a plan for her party-to be revealed tomorrow!!)
She LOVED the excuse to get back into her Halloween costume and pose with all her fellow Care Bears (or, as she says: "I'm the mama bear, and they are the babies!"). The photos are not exactly my best work, since I was rushed and trying to work with what non existent sunlight we have up here right now. But they get the job done :)

As you can tell, she is completely deprived, and has no Care Bears lol. Some aren't even in the shot, and I swear we are missing a few that I couldn't find around the house.

By this point, she gave up posing, and began to just "pet" the bears :)

....and this little green guy is the one that started all this madness :) Found by our little girl one day at a thrift shop, I wasn't even going to let her have him (used stuffed animals kinda freak me out), but she put up such a fight, that we gave in. And I am happy we did! It was love at first sight.

...even the little guy got into it and played with the monkey one that my mom got for him since we call him monkey.

All said and done, I took about 58 pictures. And my favorite was the 2nd one that we took (the first one on here). Isn't that just the way it always works? Ha!

One step closer in Care Bear craziness; I can't wait to share all my plans with you tomorrow!


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  1. This is adorable! I think I finally figured out how to follow your blog and connect it to mine, so I can get updates when I log in to my blog :)