Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lover"s Day

I cannot believe it is Valentine's Day.

Um, where did the time go?
I have been planning out everything (like I do for all our holiday's) for awhile.

I mean, you have seen the robot craziness that has surrounded our house.

And there I was last night (with, apparently, half of our town) searching the racks of Target for items to throw into our kid's baskets. Because, at least I (barely) managed to do that. Luckily for me, they are too young to notice my lack of effort :) Our big guy was too excited about everything that was going on for school (at least some people managed to have their stuff together! ha!). But you know what he said to me as I tucked him in tonight? "I think we had the best Valentine's Day out of anyone, because you've been planning it for awhile!"

Well, awwww. I have somehow managed to completely fool my children into believing that their mommy is amazing :)

Life (as always) has been a little crazy here. I have been scrambling around trying to finish up old projects, starting new ones (do I hear a Care Bear chorus in the background??),  and doing lots of packing wandering around the house, trying to see what I can actually pack and not need in the next 2 weeks.

But, I am not going to lie. I still kind of looked at my Valentine's Day board on Pinterest with a little regret. There is always next year, right? (No 2012 joke needed, please! lol)

ahhhh, what could have been....

I totally had plans for cut out letters. Even a little bit of gold, my newest obsession.

I had several plans for new garland. I LOVE the doiley garland (#1), but had planed on doing something like 2 & 4.

I loved the purple and gold combo.

Valentine's Day bingo

I loved the cupcakes, and they looked super easy to make.

....till next year :)


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