Friday, February 10, 2012

build your own candy braclets

Last year for our daughter's 3rd birthday, we had a My Little Pony party. Not wanting to be too "themey", I stuck with the rainbow concept. (now, cut to this year's party, and I am having a hard time trying to one-up my rainbow party!ha!)
Cruising the web, I had come across this adorable party where the children were given their own candy to make necklaces, bracelets, etc.

 I thought the idea was adorable, (and could be tailored to fit my color scheme perfectly) but was already knee deep in ideas. So I made a mental note to revisit later. I am still debating about whether I would like to do something like this, or have the children make actual jewelry for our daughter's party, but in the mean time, I figured this concept could be scaled down and turned into a wonderful craft to entertain the kids. About a month ago we started what we call "basket time", where everyday I place an activity (craft, game, etc) as a surprise for the kids to do.
I'm not going to lie: I mostly came up with this idea to try to get the kids to leave me alone long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee :)
The kids LOVE it, and I try to make the activities fun and interesting.
One morning, I realize I didn't have anything planned (and really, at 7am, I had no desire to plan anything!), so I threw some Fruit Loops (a cereal we normally don't carry in our house, so this was a real treat!) in a bowl, and set out some yarn.

Each child got there own bowl and peice of yarn.

Our daughter basically strung on a few and just ate the rest. I think she was worried that she would have to give me the necklace once she was done :)

The little guy gave up string after about one or two and just went to town eating them.

But our big guy strung them on until the last one was laced.

I tied it into a knot for him and voila! Candy bracelets! I'd like to say it's a healthier version, but I don't know if I really buy into all that! But it was cheap, easy, and would be great to make with cheerios or other cereals. I once read that someone made them to bring on road trips, and I think that idea is just great.

I know the big guy liked his :)

**Please note, that these pictures were taken (although early in the morning) after an art project, hence the dirty children I have featured in every photo!** I honestly contemplated not even placing any photos on here :) But, I guess this just shows our little bit of reality!
What kind of activities have you used to entertain your children?


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