Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monster Truck Blowouts

Good morning!

Last night I started on one of about a gazillion projects I have to complete for our Monster Truck party: custom blowouts.

You see, last week I found some Monster Truck blowouts on CLEARANCE at a party store, by chance. Problem? They only had one bag. Plus, I wasn't sold on the picture (our main truck is the GraveDigger, and this one featured a different one). Buying fancy favors from a "theme" are over priced if you want my opinion, and it dawned on me that it would be super easy to make my own personalized version. Plus, when I add this party to my Etsy store, other people will be able to make their own custom ones too, and I just love that idea :)

Here is a picture of the ones I saw in the store:

Ehh, right? Plus, at full price an 8 pack is almost $5.  (we are talking about a $15 purchase for some cheapy favors for our party amount). So, I went to our dollar store and picked up some blowouts that had the colors we wanted (the actual blowout part; I didn't care what the picture was because I knew I would be taking that off).

So, I started last night on creating a cover last night. This was my first one:

Option 1
Although not fully in love with it, I like that it has our truck (I am going to do 3 different trucks in all...another perk of doing it myself!) and has his name and the mud tracks match the envelopes I did (more on that later this week!). Ignore that the truck is actually backwards...I just placed the one I had as a test to see if I liked the placement in this direction better...I did :)

I asked Jason's opinion, since as the expert of Monster Trucks in this family, I knew I would need his final approval. He was concerned it was too dark and not enough color.

Hmmmm. I thought he might have a really good point, since I base a lot of my ideas around our color palet.

So, I switched it up a little and did this one:

Option 2
I like the color splash and like knowing that each monster truck will have a different color back. So, I was feeling a little better about this one.

And then Jason said he actually liked the other one better now, because this one looked a little cheesy, like one you buy at a store.


So now we are a little divided.

I came up with a middle ground one (which he has not seen yet):

Option 3
Has good qualities from both...

or this one:

Option 4
This one has some good qualities as well; has that pop of color in the number...

At this point, I can't even think straight :)

So, my question is to ALL OF YOU, which one do you like best??
Comment below and tell me the one you would choose.

I am kinda leaning between two of them, myself :) SO HELP ME OUT!

{pretty please}


Hope you are having a smashing day :)



  1. First off I want to say how creative it that!...I never would have thought of making my own cover for the blowers, very cool. Now as to which one I would choose I would have to go with Option # 1. I love the industrial/mechanical looking background. Second choice would be #4 with the purple 6 except I don't like how everything is slanted and going in different directions. I say add a purple 6 to option #1 and it would be perfect!

  2. Hey Rachel! It's Brandy's friend Brittany, I love your page. You are sooo creative and your ideas are amazing. I saw your mom's post about the monster trucks on facebook and came on and started looking at everything and subscribed to your page. Just love it. I hope you and your family are doing well. I love all of your ideas for the monster trucks but my favorite is option #4 :)

  3. Option 4 is my favorite too being the monster truck pro! :). Awesome job!

  4. Thanks, Brittany! You should know how crazy I am about party planning...after all, I did show up to do Brandy's baby shower with you drawing in hand LOL. I hope all is well!

    And, I did go with option four, and took the advice to change the angles on some things. Thanks for the comments!!