Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Series: The House on the Left

I had mentioned last week that I would be introducing a new series to the blog that would chronical some of the few gazzilion projects that I do on a daily for our house. A new house = a bunch of new projects for this gal, and I just CANT WAIT to get started :)

So, I bring to you:

This weekend was a lot of fun for us (okay, well mostly me. ha!)

As well as doing our normal tour of the few thrift shops around here, the outdoor flea market opened up for the season! a. this means that summer is officially right around the corner, and b. this girl could not be any happier :)

 I LOVE flea markets. I feel like you never know what you will find and that the next treasure is right around the corner.

Total score for the weekend left us with lots to love...

...like this adorable little vintage toy bank for only $4 (!!). I must say, it was love at first sight, and was our first purchase of the day, setting the tone for the rest of our hunt. (and, to keep it real, as proof that everything we own has been drawn on, just look at our poor books!)

This little steal-of-a-deal at $3 was bought for the intent of holding some cute soda bottles and burgers at the vintage 4th of July party I want to hold this summer. For now, it looks quite lovely on our side table :)

Some things we found need a little love...

....like these instument candle stick holders. A little brasso action and I think these babies will look amazing. I found them at a thrift store up here, and had to go back a second time to go pick them up because I couldn't stop thinking about them. They are just such a fun, unique bunch of little acccessories, don't you think?? The placemats I found were only $2 for all 4, which I snatched up, even though I have no idea what to do with them. We are not placemat type of people (plus they are hand wash only--ha! I have 3 kids, so they would last a week in our house), but the design is so lovely, that I just know I will come up with something to use them for.

...And a few of the things are going to need a whole-lotta love:

I am excited to redo that ugly chair in the middle. We bought two of them, and I just know that I can make them look beautiful...I hope :)  

As well as a BUNCH of paint, I picked up some fabric to get started on some projects:

All in all, this was a  successful weekend "hunting" that left me with a lot of projects to fill up the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to show you some 'after' pictures :)

Hope your week is going great!


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