Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hot Wheels Storage

Hello there :)

While the madness that was our Care Bear party has subsided, we are slowly creeping up on what will soon be known as "the day monster trucks and hot wheels took over our life".

In other words, our big guy is about to be SIX.

Handsome little guy, right?

Christmas in our house included the addition of 1565986 more hot wheels (of course that is just an approximate guess. ha!) This guy has been planning his Hot Wheel party since the start of our "birthday season" (Our youngest kicks this off with his birthday in November). Easy Peasy.

Until Daddy took him to his first Monster Jam. And then it was all over. Monster truck obsession took over. And our poor guy just couldn't decided which kind of party he wanted more: Hot Wheels or Monster Trucks.

Que the soon to be 'Hot Wheels and Monster Truck' party we are about to start planning.

The reason we are able to throw suck big parties is that we start planning early and gathering things as we see them. Like these little monster trucks my mom found at the dollar store. Perfect! Of course, the biggest challenge here is keeping our two boys away from all of them :)

Although his party is not for another 6 weeks, I am sure I will have plenty to share with you up until then!

For now, I wanted to see how do you organize all your children's little obsessions?? We seriously have these little cars ALL OVER our house. Now that we are pretty much unpacked I have moved on over to the organizing phase, and couldn't help but check out some awesome ways people have handled their little car collection. Of course, you could always subsitute these storage ideas for whatever it is that your child loves!

I LOVE the idea of keeping collections in the open like these:

If you wanted to keep your collections under wraps, I would totally go for a vintage hide away like these:

1 / 2 / 3

Or, if you're feeling kinda crafty, these options would be great as well:

1 / 2 / 4  (I couldn't find a link for #3, if you know where it's from please let me know!)

Or, even better, a combination of both:

This blogger took an old vintage crate (like the one I found this weekend!) and simply added on wheels. Genious!

I hope you found some of these solutions inspiring! I know I did :)


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  1. Hi Rachel, Love the Hot Wheels car holder that is made out of wood. Terrific and inspirational. Take care! Ted Vovos