Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: EarthDay Inspired Party Decorations

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well :) We have a house full of sickies here (little, whiney ones to be exact. Ha!)

Tomorrow we go to check out some venues to have Jameson's party at. I am always torn on whether to have parties at our home or to have them at a "destination." And by destination, let's be honest, I mean an indoor bounce house place. Is it just me, or is everyone's kid having thier parties at one?? I usually try to shy away from these places because they're expensive, impersonal, and well....just not as much fun as the parties I throw here :) As he gets older though, his parties are getting larger (his class is 25 students, and that's not including his other friends. And, as he has already informed me, we are inviting everyone in his class). My concern is having all these children at our home and not being able to entertain them enough. So, we are looking at different places. My main concern is being able to provide our own decorations (duh) and really making it personal. Wish us luck:)

In the mean time, in honor of Earth Day, here are some amazing projects that use objects probably already around your house. I love projects like these because they really keep the price in check when party planning!
Click on any link below to see full tutorials.

1. Cover up some aluminum cans in scrapbook paper or fabric to gather party supplies
2. Create rockets out of toilet paper and use as decoration or favor boxes
3.  Use tissue boxes to create monsters for a monster bash or for Halloween
4. Spray paint pickle jars to create an AMAZING favor box for a lego party (link unknown)
5. Any monster bash or dinosaur party would be perfect for these tissue box feet
6. Buy glasses and plates from a thrift store, paint, glue together, and voila! Cake stands!
7. Take your old soda bottles, fill with colored water (and maybe a glow stick!) and bowl
8. Create custum candy pouches from brown paper bags
9. Spray paint old cookie tins (Goodwill always has some!) to match your party theme
10. Use Sunday's newspaper for something other than coupons- create this wreath

Hope you are inspired to take something old and turn it into something amazing!
me? I am inspired to throw a lego party now! ha!


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