Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mail Call

Things have been pretty hectic over here (as always!), and Party: Monster Trucks is under way.
We decided on having the party at a (:::sigh:::) bounce house, but I honestly think we found a great medium in the one we choose. First, we have the option to turn it into a glow party (complete with glow sticks for the kiddos and some blacklight bouncing action!), and we can actually bring our own decorations and snacks (a must for this mama). Although I wont be able to go as crazy detailed with the decorations as I usually like to, I can rest easy knowing that our little guy can still get one amazing, personalized party :)

To kick start some of our decorating fun, here is pic of the flag we just got in the mail today:

We ordered two, and I plan on pairing them with some b/w checkered flags, and maybe some of the other truck's flags (each monster truck has their own flag that is attached to the back of the truck, for all those who are not familiar with them. Read: me, two weeks ago LOL). A DIY project, I am sure :)

Although I am not sure who is more excited to have it: Jason or the birthday boy. Ha!

Tomorrow I will be here with some pictures of an AMAZING thrift find I got today, so I hope to see you then!


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